1a Moor Road Rushden Northamptonshire NN10 9SP

Please contact us at:
richardskinner333*gmail.com  (Please replace the *with a @ when using this address)

Objectives of our Church

Ensure the provision and upkeep of a place of worship, which where reasonable will provide weekly divine services, speakers, spiritual mediums and ministers.


Encourage Members to contribute towards an understanding of Spiritualism by working together to provide learning opportunities such as a library, circles, work-shops and courses, and information as to where these can be found.


Remain as a Independent Church


Carry out the administration of the church in accordance with the Charities Act 1993 for the advancement of the Spiritual faith and for the benefit of its Members and the public.


The Aim of our Church

Is to encourage a deeper understanding of Spiritualism and spiritual awareness for all. To promote an open, trusting and safe environment, where all who seek are given the opportunity to learn about spirit truth and explore there own spirituality.


Our Church accepts the Seven Principles of Spiritualism of which full individual liberty of interpretation is reserved to each member. Promote the Spiritualist Philosophy and the seven principles


(1) The Fatherhood of God.


(2) The Brotherhood of Man.


(3) The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.


(4) The continuous existence of the Human Soul.


(5) Personal Responsibility.


(6) Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth.


(7) Eternal progress open to every Human Soul.