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Spiritual Healing involves the channeling of healing energies from the world of  spirit through a spiritual healer  to the patient and can bring about harmony to the mind, body, spirit and emotions of that recipient

Where do the healing energies come from ?

The healers are only channels for the healing energies, the healing actually comes from God, the creative life force and is administered by His healing guides and helpers through these channels.

The healing energies work as they are passed through the healer to the patient where they first touch the soul/spirit which is where the most of the disease / disharmony originates, thus causing the illness in the physical body. Once the harmony has been restored to the spirit body this filters through to the inner levels of being to the physical body, which then eases the pain and brings about upliftment .

Types of healing

Healing can hands on, within a few inches of the patience, or by thought or prayer from a distance. These forms of healing are called Contact, near to the body, and Distant  or Absent  Healing respectively.

You can always ask the healer for the type of healing you require.